Roy J. Park

Roy J. Park is an entrepreneur in addition to being an expert Workers’ Compensation attorney. Roy aligns his thinking and his firm’s processes to the long term goals of his clients, rather than focusing on immediate gains to his firm.

Roy’s business oriented approach to his practice is a result of his years of entrepreneurial work prior to becoming an attorney. Even as a child, Roy was a natural entrepreneur. Once he started receiving an allowance, he quickly learned he could triple his money by buying candy at the grocery store and reselling it at three times the price on the playground. Throughout his educational years he worked in a wide variety of small business jobs, doing everything from cleaning pools to repairing televisions.

By the time he attended college, Roy wanted to take his natural appreciation and attraction for business to a higher level. Roy obtained his B.A. in Economics from the University of California at Irvine followed by his Juris Doctorate from the University of California in Davis, King Hall School of Law.

During his early years in practice, Roy developed a broad base of experience in business transactions, litigation, immigration, matrimonial law and more. Roy evaluated his options for practice specialization from the perspective of the business person. He sought to identify the practice with the greatest gap in quality legal services and where clients’ had the most need for change. In 2003, Roy made the decision to specialize in Workers' Compensation. Roy identified there was a dearth of legal services focused on efficiency and clients' long term interests and that specialization would give him the opportunity to create a firm providing innovative and advanced strategies that would lead to great success for his clients and for his firm. Roy spent the remainder of his associate years with prominent Workers’ Compensation firms developing his practice expertise and becoming the accomplished trial attorney and lecturer he is today.

Roy J. Park & Associates launched In 2011 with a concentrated focus on delivering uniquely business oriented and client focused solutions. The processes Roy has created for his firm enable the firm to close claims quickly and for significantly improved cost. Roy has built a team of attorneys and legal staff at RJP&A who share Roy’s perspective that the firm will thrive long term so long as they prioritize the needs of the clients above any short term goals the firm itself might have. Each member of the firm thoroughly understands the business needs of the clients and practices with a process and style that keeps client interests paramount at all times. It is in this way that RJP&A is a true partner in the growth and success of each of their clients, which has in turn also resulted in the ever increasing growth and success that RJP&A enjoys today. 

Roy Park