Procure the Roy J. Park & Associates Advantages for Your Company

The clients of Roy J. Park & Associates enjoy a host of competitive advantages including clarity, efficiency, cost savings and superior legal results.  At RJP&A, we use our business innovations to ensure we are among our clients' most advanced business partners and advocates.  By limiting caseloads, fostering teamwork and using technology, RJP&A provides the most advanced litigation strategies while still maintaining excellent cost effectiveness.  It is in this way we provide maximum advantages to the employers, insurers and third party administrators with whom we partner

Enjoy Common Values with Your Attorney

The values and techniques employed by our firm are the culmination of our founder's dedication to emulating the best business practices in other fields and applying them in the practice of law.  Roy Park applied the Blue Ocean strategy to the creation of his law firm.  Roy carefully examined various select areas of practice and the business modeling used to run them.  After identifying waste, gaps, inefficiencies and process irregularities, Roy architected a new way to practice Workers' Compensation law.

A Team of Perspective on Every File

RJP&A is an exception to the truism that the legal profession is resistant to change.  Our clients and attorneys have found great success due to our improvements on the role of our legal staff within our firm.  We have evolved these roles to empower our talented staff members to be active partners with their attorneys and to become fully invested in the success of their clients.  Our attorney-staff teams work jointly to review every step involved for each file from beginning to end.  This team approach eliminates error and secures exceptional results for our clients.

Limited Caseload to Ensure Precision and Quality

At RJP&A we limit the caseload any one team carries to ensure all files are handled with precision.  Our attorney-staff legal teams carry file workloads only two thirds the size of those carried by one attorney at most Workers' Compensation law firms.  Because our attorneys and staff are not overworked, they devote their fullest attention and energy to every file and every client they serve.  Balanced workloads ensure mental clarity and support the longevity of our attorneys and staff.  Our clients enjoy the peace of mind and relationships of trust that naturally evolve from a longer term relationship with their attorney.

Enhanced Attorney Performance Through the Efficacious Use of Technology

We value technology and the benefits it can provide with exacting use.  We understand that technology tools require management.  Our internal network is closely integrated with our attorneys and legal staff to serve their needs for a highly organized filed management system.  Information is available as needed and to the proper level of granularity.  Our network is not something that you can 'set and forget' but rather receives constant maintenance and upgrades.  Clients can visit Practice on our website to stay current on rule changes and obtain responsive best practices.  Working with clear and adaptable processes, our attorneys can far surpass the competition in their swift management of files and rule changes.

Join the Winning Team

Using these strategies, Roy J. Park & Associates has successfully achieved unprecedented growth and is now preparing to open their third and fourth offices after only 5 years in business as a firm.  Stay tuned for more information about our expanding capabilities and the opening of our San Francisco and Orange County offices.  For current office locations, please see our Locations page.